Mundane Resistance to Feminism

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Title: Mundane Resistance to Feminism - Exploring men’s resistance to feminism through femvertising commercials Date of the Seminar: 2020-06-05 Course: BUSN39 Business Administration: Degree Project in Global Marketing - Master Level Authors: Frida Andersson & Sofie Tersmeden Supervisor: Peter Svensson Key words: Feminism, Femvertising, Mundane Resistance, Brand Activism, Male Perspective. Thesis purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how men express mundane resistance to feminism, when being exposed to femvertising. By fulfilling this purpose, we aim to contribute with a societal perspective to the current stream of research on femvertising and brand activism. Methodology: The thesis is based on qualitative research through a combination of data from a focus group, a netnographic focus group and telephone interviews with men. We have used an inductive research approach, where we have worked closely to the empirical material. Theoretical perspective: The theoretical perspective consists of a combination of concepts and models, all within the topic of mundane forms of resistance. With a starting point in Foucault's (1978) description of power and resistance, and Scott’s (1989) concept of everyday resistance, we have built our theoretical framework. These authors' works have been complemented by Johansson and Vinthagen’s (2016) analytical framework, as well as everyday resistance in the context of organizational studies (Prasad & Prasad, 2000; Fleming & Sewell; Collinson, 2000). Empirical data: The empirical foundation comprises 19 semi-structured interviews with men, a focus group with nine male participants and a netnographic focus group on the discussion forum Flashback. The sample is diverse regarding age, occupation and level of education. Findings / Conclusion: The findings from the study were summarized into the five themes where mundane resistance is expressed: Feminism as a Zero-Sum Game, Exclusionary Feminism, Commercialized Feminism, Normalized Feminism and Exaggerated Feminism. Practical implications: Our contribution is mainly theoretical, but for companies using femvertising commercials, it is important to note that they are reproducing an image of feminism that may, or may not, be representative for the movement.

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