Solar Heating in Uppsala : A case study of the solar heating system in the neighbourhood Haubitsen in Uppsala

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Author: Emelie Blomqvist; Klara Häger; Malin Wiborgh; [2012]

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The housing corporation Uppsalahem has installed asolar heating system in the neighbourhood Haubitsen,which was renovated in 2011. This report examineshow much energy the solar heating system is expectedto generate and which factors could improve theefficiency. Simulations suggest that the solar heatingsystem can to cover about 22 per cent of the domestichot water demand in Haubitsen, which corresponds to50 MWh for a year. If some factors, such as the tilt ofthe solar collectors would have been improved, thesystem efficiency would increase according to thesimulations. To evaluate how solar heating in a scaledperspective affect the existing energy system inUppsala, district heating simulations have beenperformed. District heating simulations indicate thatthe district heating production do not decrease withthe same amount of energy that the solar heatinggenerates.

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