Time is of the essence : A study on the use of CLIL approaches to find time for EFL in Swedish Primary School years 1-3

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Engelska

Abstract: Denmark and Norway have more explicit syllabuses for English as a Foreign Language and more time allocated to EFL than Sweden. If measures have been taken to improve the syllabus and to increase time for EFL in these countries, do these measures need to be taken in Sweden too? This study aims to explore time allocation and the use of Content and Language Integrated Learning approaches in the primary school years 1-3 in Sweden. 114 teachers participated in this study through a web-based questionnaire. The findings show that teachers experience time constraints associated with EFL, and a third of the respondents state that they compensate for the time constraints associated with EFL through CLIL approaches. However, whether or not CLIL is indeed present in primary school years 1-3 is difficult to decide, due to the lack of a common frame of reference for CLIL in Sweden and in primary schools, as well as the contextual variables that affect and shape EFL and CLIL. Little, if any, research into the effects of CLIL in years 1-3 in Sweden has been carried out, so this study might help to highlight possible areas of interest for future research and prompt further exploration of the field.         

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