Building Brand Reputation in the Digital Age: Identifying effective brand communication to win the moment of truth online

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Thesis purpose: The central purpose is to deliver a theoretical and practical contribution to existing literature in the fields of brand identity as well as brand reputation and particularly brand communication as a connecting link, lying in between. Further, the authors attempt to provide thorough understanding of the influence of online brand communication on consumers’ decision-making process respectively the critical moment of truth online. In this context, a newly created brand management model is introduced. Theoretical perspective: The literature review covers the interconnectedness between brand identity and brand reputation and theoretically examines the consumer decision-making journey in an online context. It creates the basis for the subsequent empirical research. Thereby existing brand identity frameworks have been reviewed in detail. Methodology: The authors apply a grounded theory strategy. Thereby a mixed method approach is used by combining both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Empirical Data: Empirical data is gathered through in-depth interviews with twelve technology affine consumers. Subsequently, quantitative data is collected through an online survey in order to further evaluate the qualitative findings. Conclusion: The authors conclude that multiple online communication channels have an impact on the creation of positive brand reputation and consequently a consumer’s decision making process. Thereby valuable guidance to the management process of online brand communication in order to establish positive brand reputation is provided. This is presented through a newly created model- The Brand Identity Communication Reputation Matrix (BICRM), which builds upon existing theory in the fields of brand reputation.

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