Visualizing cadastral parcels for surveyors using handheld Augmented Reality

University essay from Malmö universitet/Teknik och samhälle

Abstract: The purpose of this study consists of gaining an understanding about Augmented Reality (AR) and if this technology can help land-surveyors to visualize cadastral parcels using an iOS app. In addition, the app is also used to get insights of what it takes for an AR system to replace 2D paper maps completely. In land-surveyors daily work, they usually bring annotated 2D paper maps to locate their assets when they do field work. However, the 2D paper map can be cumbersome to use because the map visualizes assets in 2D while the working environment for land-surveyors is in 3D. Therefore, this study presents an AR app that can visualize cadastral parcels in 3D in collaboration with a company called InfoTrader. This dissertation utilizes a qualitative methodology with a design and creation strategy as well as semi-structured interviews. To get feedback and evaluate the proposed app it was tested with professionals with experience in the land-surveying business. The findings from testing the app indicated that the app could be very useful in different scenarios. Nevertheless, to completely replace the 2D paper map, the AR system should integrate all the layers of information that the 2D map provides.

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