Exploiting social networking technologies in order to enhance internal communication within and across a large enterprise : Improving a Corporate Social Network

University essay from KTH/Kommunikationssystem, CoS


Today the use of the social networking technologies is becoming more common in users daily lives, both their professional and personal lives. Recently the application of social networking technologies’ communication power has begun to be leveraged by enterprises in order to gain competitive advantage in terms of productivity and employees’ efficiency & job performance.

However, there exist some gaps in the communication and coordination processes within a company between the different employees and groups involved in their professional activities. Overall, we can see that large enterprise employees lack identity with their companies due to their lack of voice and the small impact that they have within the large number of individuals that compose a large organization.

In this thesis we deeply analyze the factors that directly affect communication and collaboration between employees within a company and how we can improve this communication and collaboration using social network technologies. In this work we focus on the state-of- the-art and compare one of the most used social networks (LinkedIn) with the most used corporate network (Yammer) providing a tangible measure with the key performance indicators.

Afterwards we measure with Node XL software and its metrics samples of monitored corporate networks, introduce an innovation within the networks and show the improvement of the key performance indicators related to the software  metrics that have changed in order to enhance some social network parameters that are the tangible measure of plenty of social corporate network issues.

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