Coordination Dynamics in Open-SourceBased Platforms : “The Symbian Foundation Case”

University essay from Företagsekonomi

Abstract: Industry platforms, particularly open-source based platforms are emerging as the tippingpoint of a new trend of interoganizational relationships among firms. They are characterizedby a large number of actors with different objectives that come and go. However in order toreap the benefits of network effects, reduce fragmentation and get access to a large pool ofresources, coordination dynamics within the different actors to create and innovate theplatform are needed. As opposed to traditional literature where a single firm leads the evolution of the platform,a more democratic approach based on the institutionalization of coordination, the implementationof coordination processes and mechanisms is proposed. A study in the form ofinterviews and interactive forums was carried in the Symbian Platform, specifically in theSymbian Foundation to identify the main coordination dynamics. The results showed that in the case of the Symbian Platform, firms´ first step towards coordinationwas to establish the formal structure of coordination, in this case the SymbianFoundation. Consequently the Symbian Foundation established the processes and coordinationmechanisms by which all of the actors participate and access to a pool of resources. Thestudy describes the evolution from democratic coordination to an increasing selfcoordinationpromoted by the Symbian Foundation within its members.

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