Video approval app for iPad

University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Andreas Jakobsson; [2014]

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The goal of this master thesis project was to design a concept for an iPad app that solves the problem of collecting feedback around a video clip in a video production. The concept targeted an end user which used the mobility of the iPad to give feedback on video clips from wherever, collaborating with other people involved in the video production. A background study was performed covering mobile app development, guidelines for designing mobile systems and guidelines for designing collaborative systems. With data gathered from interviews with people working with video, a design process including ideation, sketching, interface mockups and interactive mockups iterated the concept into a proposal for a video commenting tool for iPad. The app lets the user add comments onto the timeline with text, drawings and voice recordings as well as keeping him or her up to date with the discussions around the video clip. The result of the project can be used as a reference document for further development.

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