"Change Emergence" : (Investigating and Exploring the Potential of Computational Design in Renovation and Development)

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur



This research proposes the renovation of a case study project - a cluster of residential buildings in Södermalm, Stockholm - based on the integration of energy simulation and climate engineering to introduce the idea of adaptive resuse[MJ1] . The focus has been on solar analysis and daylight utilization with the goal to improve both the living quality of the interior and solar harvesting on the exterior for an optimal generation utilization of energy. The research, therefore, has been conducted in collaboration between students of architecture and energy engineering, and Teknikmarknad, a practice-oriented entity at KTH, for support regarding technical issues. Stockholmshem, the property owner, has also been directly involved for specific information on the future plans and proposals. Another informative collaborator has been the Critical Design Studio at the school, who has conducted a thorough research on the social aspects of the neighborhood and conducted many interviews with the residents on the new proposal plans of the change and how they see it.

This investigation has also enabled the possibility of further investment and research on a smart envelope; envisioning a kinetic design, solar tracking system, for a higher efficiency in solar gains and a sustainable approach to indoor climatic conditions.  The envelope design has been tested through analyzing tools and energy calculations, prototyping and scaled-models.

A key aspect in the project has been the evaluation of an interdisciplinary approach from the early stages of the design to envision and formulate a design strategy that clarifies the technical aspects and design opportunities on both ends which could be transferable to similar developments and future practice.

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