Software Development Methods and Usability: A Systematic Literature Review

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Interaktiva och kognitiva system

Abstract: This thesis provides a tour of main software development methods and their assimilation with usability. Various software development methods have been developed since the origin of software products, and with integration of usability they have achieved great heights. Software developers and researchers are also keen to integrate usability with their methods to develop a successful software product, as their product might not lose its grip over their competitors. This thesis is a preliminary literature review that provides solutions to key questions such as: Which development methods are used in projects with high demands on usability?Do agile methods positively contribute to the usability of the product? Do projects with high demands on usability use usability specialists?Which types of usability are addressed in articles relating development methods and usability? The research aim is to identify how software development methods deal with usability. This thesis clearly discusses about previous empirical studies on software development methods and usability. In this thesis, Kitchenham’s systematic literature review was followed to extract the knowledge from the databases (Inspec and ACM). Validation on the literature is performed using Cohen’s kappa value with a researcher. Four research questions mentioned above are discussed in detail to analyse the results. Agile software development methods have been widely deployed due to its iterative, incremental approach and positive contribution towards usability rather than traditional approach. The role of an usability expert has been analyzed in this thesis and their need in the development process. Futhermore, various usability types like satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness have also been discussed in detail. Finally, this thesis suggess a solution of incorporating usability with software development methods.

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