Analysis and Definition of the BAT-ME (BATonomous Moon cave Explorer) Mission

University essay from KTH/Rymdteknik

Abstract: Humanity has always wanted to explore the world we live in and answer different questions about our universe. After the International Space Station will end its service one possible next step could be a Moon Outpost: a convenient location for research, astronaut training and technological development that would enable long-duration space. This location can be inside one of the presumed lava tubes that should be present under the surface but would first need to be inspected, possibly by machine capable of capturing and relaying a map to a team on Earth.In this report the past and future Moon base missions will be summarized considering feasible outpost scenarios from the space companies or agencies. and their prospected manned budget. Potential mission profiles, objectives, requirements and constrains of the BATonomous Moon cave Explorer (BAT-ME) mission will be discussed and defined. Vehicle and mission concept will be addressed, comparing and presenting possible propulsion or locomotion approaches inside the lava tube.The Inkonova “Batonomous™” system is capable of providing Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM), relay the created maps, with the possibility to easily integrate the system on any kind of vehicle that would function in a real-life scenario.Although the system is not fully developed, it will be assessed from a technical perspective, and proper changes for a viable system transition for the space-Moon environment will be devised. The transition of the system from the Batonomous™ state to the BAT-ME required state will be presented from the requirement, hardware, software, electrical and operational point of view.The mission will be devised into operational phases, with key goals in mind. Two different vehicles will be presented and designed on a high engineering level. A risk analysis and management system will be made to understand the possible negative outcomes of different parts failure on the mission outcome.

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