The Oresund Bridge and the commuting trends

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

Abstract: Ten years ago a giant infrastructure named Oresund Bridge has been created connecting two regions, Scania and Zealand, as well as two nations, Sweden and Denmark; since the date of this spatial union, different trends related to economic, cultural and social issues have been under the investigation of the academic work. The present research has the purpose to analyze the main characteristics and the key forces interesting a section of the economic sphere, gaining internationally more and more importance in every day life: commuting flows phenomenon. The current analysis provides insights concerning the descriptive characteristics of individuals interested by the phenomenon of commuting, with specific focus on the commuters travelling daily from the Swedish to the Danish side; besides an empirical investigation performed with negative and generalized binomial regressions studies the main influences of economic, as well as geographic factors boosting the phenomenon of commuting, more remarkable present in the Oresund region since the introduction of the mentioned infrastructure.

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