Automatic robotic gripping claw

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Author: Matthias Carlsson; [2015]

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In industrial production, automatization is a common concept utilized in a range of applications where time dependency is a key factor. The robotic arm is one of the tools applied in the area and its extension, such as a robotic claw, affects the execution and the accuracy of the robotics. This paper researches whether infrared- or ultrasonic sensors are best suited for the automation of a robotic claw, created out of 3D-printing and wooden material; in terms of time delay and object-size prediction. With help of a simple physical model and a sphere in motion the resulting time delay could be determined to be larger in ultrasonic sensors, while both were unable to provide accurate object measurement predictions. The research proved the infrared sensor better abilities in motion based automation.

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