Development and realization of an operator seat with active suspension

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Author: Ahmed El Shobaki; [2014]

Keywords: Operator; seat; active; suspension; pneumatic;


In this thesis work, generated design concepts during previous thesis work performed by Doroftei Teodor and Osorio Omar. in 2013 for an operator seat for forestry machines, have been examined. This examination was made in order to design a full-scale prototype of an operator seat featuring active suspension. With the help of this analysis, a proposal for a prototype, which decreases the effects on the operator caused by vibrations in the cabin, was developed. By damping the vibrations in the operator seat, the operator is not exposed to in-time harmful injuries and can therefore work for a longer time. With an actively suspended operator seat, new ways open up for a more effective forestry industry as the work becomes more convenient for the operator.

This report presents how the work was performed. The first chapters of the report concern the background for the work, the components and subassemblies of the previous generated design concepts as well as standard components needed in order to realize an active operator seat suspension. Then, the most applicable concept is further developed to a full-scale prototype using CAD-modelling and evaluated using FEM-analysis. Based on the CAD-models, a prototype was manufactured, the vibration control is discussed and conclusions and proposals for future work are presented.

Keywords: Operator, seat, active, suspension, pneumatic

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