Children´s Rights Organisations in the Swedish Welfare State A qualitative, comparative study about the Swedish Children´s Rights organisations BRIS, Friends and Rädda Barnen

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för socialt arbete

Abstract: The aim with this study is to investigate the Swedish Children´s Rights organisations: BRIS,Friends and Rädda Barnen and how the professionals at these organisations perceive theorganisations role in the Swedish welfare system. The design of the study is qualitative,where ten professionals have been interviewed using a qualitative semi-structure method. Theobjectives were to explore the professional’s view of the strategic work of the organisation,along with their adaption to the external environment and how this can be explained. Thetheoretical framework of Neo institutional theory and Recourse dependency theory has beenused to explain how the external environment influence and control the organisations to movein a certain direction. A thematic analyse method was used in order to identify coherentthemes in the interviews.The results of this study implies that it is a major difference in how the respondents at thedifferent organisations perceive their organisations contribution to the Swedish Welfaresystem and that this can be explained by the different environment of the organisationscreation and tradition. However, even though the organisations differ in the structure, theirorigin and the work they perform, the organisations tend to become more similar to eachother. With the contribution of the theoretical framework, this can be explained by theorganisations requirements to adapt to the external environment and the environmentalrecourses of which they are dependent on in order to gain legitimacy and financial recourses.These isomorphic mechanisms is in this study shown to create a development in all of thethree organisations to become more professionalized and administrative organisations andsimilar to organisations in the governmental and private sector.

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