A Novel Approach to Color Conversion on Embedded Devices

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Alexandros Dermenakis; [2013]

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Color profiles have become an integral part of output devices. They are used to maintain color consistency among different input and output devices such as  screens and printers. Embedded systems have omitted support for color profiles since they have limited resources and are not able to handle such operations in real-time. The goal of this thesis report,  is to provide a solution for such systems by using a graphics accelerator to perform color profile conversion real-time. Benchmarks on different mobile devices are presented  discussing the performance differences and image quality improvements by using color profiles, along with drawbacks of each system. The aim of this report  is to provide sufficient information on how color profile conversion takes place, how to optimize the high cost of conversion, as well as a smart color profile conversion mechanism that can be integrated in the graphics stack of Qt.

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