Invisible Aesthetics of Noise

University essay from Konstfack/Industridesign

Abstract: Sound in our human world is broken down into two general types : desirable and undesirable. Unwanted sounds in our lives, that we also call “noises”, induce diverse kinds of physical and psychological reactions, many of them unhealthy. As humans living in the Anthropocene, we bring noise with us everywhere we go, creating soundscapes of random sources that we either enjoy or find annoying, while masking more aesthetically resonant sounds. As our modern society is moving faster, the urban soundscape becoming noisier, and our attention taken by technology, we forget to pay attention to our surrounding world. By questioning noise and collaborating with it, this present work aims to give other qualities, sonorities and colors to sound, to change our perception of noise pollution within an urban acoustic context. How does our perception of noise impact our behaviors ? Our social and spatial interactions and our attention towards our surrounding environment ?  Could we find oher qualities that used to be invisible if we would approach the world with our sense of hearing ? 

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