Analyzing network monitoring systems and objects for a telecommunications company

University essay from Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Abstract: The goal with this thesis work has been to identify what a telecommunications company should monitor and to find a network monitoring system that can monitor these identified objects on two different platforms: Windows and Linux. The network monitoring system has been implemented in a telecommunications company’s environment and this thesis presents how the system monitors their environment. The subject for this thesis work is within network monitoring. The problem formulation has been answered by conducting a literature study and by testing network monitoring systems’ features in a lab environment. The sources used in the literature study consists of scientific articles and other articles found on the web. The lab environment consisted of virtual machines that runs Linux or Windows as an operating system.   The purpose of the work was to enlighten Cellip in what objects they should monitor and to help the company to monitor them by implementing a network monitoring system. Cellip is a telecommunications company that provides IP-telephony services through Session Initiation Protocol. The limits of this thesis work are based on what their environment supports in terms of monitoring. Cellip’s environment consists of Linux and Windows servers, Cisco switches and firewalls, and Sonus Session Border Controllers.   In summary, the result of this thesis gives the reader information about what a telecommunications company with a similar environment to Cellip should monitor, what three systems that can monitor these objects, which of the three systems that has most automatized features and finally how the chosen system Datadog monitors and presents the objects. Some of the objects that are important to monitor is: memory, disk storage, latency, packet loss. In conclusion, this thesis presents a monitoring baseline for telecommunication companies with a similar environment to Cellip.

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