Floating Tripod : An accessory for people who love documenting their sport adventures

University essay from KTH/Produkt- och tjänstedesign

Author: Filip Larsson; [2020]

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Abstract: People practicing any kind of water sport often owns a GoPro to capture moments of themselves but the accessories on the market today is not enough. This project started with a kitesurfer who wanted pictures of himself while kitesurfing but found out that there are no good accessories for the GoPro that solve this task. The first idea of a floating accessory developed into a real project with the aim to solve this problem. First of all the needs of the customer was examined together with a great amount of research in the area maritime engineering. Co-creation has been important and throughout the project surfers, photographers and engineers have been involved both to fulfill the needs of the customer as well as to solve complex technical problems. During the ideation phase many concepts were generated, evaluated and developed further. Later in the process prototypes were needed to explore the parameters that affected the construction. Several prototypes were made and some were tested in the Indian Ocean while others were tested in a water park. When it was proven what parameters that affected the buoy the most, a final prototype was designed, built, tested and evaluated. In contrast to previous prototypes this one was first carefully designed in CAD and the buoyancy force was determined to check floatability. Thereafter it was 3D-printed and constructed in a more professional way. The result of this project was a final prototype that fulfilled the needs of the customer as well as technical requirements set in the early stages. Summarised, the final solution combines the characteristics of a common sailboat and a cataraman to manage big waves and provide the user with a stable footage. Moreover this is an accessory for people who love documenting their sport adventures and want to share the moments.

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