Development of real time audio equalizer application using MATLAB App Designer

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System; Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System; Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System

Abstract: This paper outlines the design of a high-precision graphic audio equalizer with digital filters in parallel, along with its implementation in MATLAB App Designer. The equalizer is comprised of 31 bands separated with a one-third octave frequency ratio, and its frequency response is controlled by 63 filters. Furthermore, the application can process audio signals, in real time, recorded by microphone and from audio files. While processing, it displays an FFT plot of the output sound, also in real time, equipped with a knob by which the refreshing pace can be adjusted. The actual frequency response proved to match the desired one accurately, but the matching is computationally demanding for the computer. An even higher accuracy would entail a computational complexity beyond the power of ordinary computers, and was thus concluded to be inappropriate. As a result, the final application manages to provide most laptops with both high precision and proper functionality.

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