New dynamic pallet for Volvo Trucks based in biomimicry : New support modular and adaptable to different geometries, based in the structures of the radiolarian microorganisms and honeycomb

University essay from Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

Abstract: The logistics department at the Powertrain plant of Volvo Trucks seeks to improve the efficiency within their processes. A new concept solution to the supports (pallets) that hold and carry different types of engine parts during the transportation between the sequencing area and the final assembly line called “The new dynamic pallet based on biomimicry” was presented. The concept solves the issues of the constant modifications in the pallets lead by the changes in the design of the engine parts. The main objectives of the project is the creation of a dynamic pallet, dynamic in this case translates into a modular, flexible to different geometries and scalable system, also the design solution should be inspired by nature (biomimicry) to boost a new sustainable design approach related to the values of Volvo brand. This project required iterative research regarding the principles of biomimicry and systems found in nature. Biomimicry literally means ‘the imitation of life’ but, it is better defined as a design approach to innovation which takes inspiration from systems of nature. It is provided by Volvo as the core of the project, if the result is good then there will be a push to develop new projects following this strategy seeking sustainable solutions to solve human problems. In addition, prototyping concepts from a generation of ideas to testing results were conducted to evaluate the concepts generated. The resulting concept proposal is a whole new system but preserves the functional aspects necessary to integrate the new pallet in the current logistics performance.

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