Self transportation of goods for consumers from a retail store: A Pilot study

University essay from Lunds universitet/Förpackningslogistik

Abstract: The Last-mile delivery is seen as an emerging attention due to the increased focus on e-commerce and Omni-channel retailing. Due to these and since it involves end consumers, organizations look for innovative solutions to provide customers with a service fulfillment option. This thesis present, the evaluation, and understanding of Cardboard trolley solution for self transportation of goods by a consumer, from a retail store. In the reported and described action research study performed with the organization IKEA, it is shown that the identified solution is influenced by a lot of factors which needs to be addressed before implementing the solution into the market. The Cardboard trolley solution seems to be an innovative idea, but its functionality and durability aspects affects customer choices which in turn have a combined effect on the organization. The results from the thesis are based on the structured observation field tests performed and rest heavily on the analyzed results. The Cardboard trolley solution forms a key part of the self service option provided by the retailer and therefore consumer focused SCM is a strategic part of the business as such. The Cardboard trolley solution is relatively new and needs proper understanding and evaluation on the ease of use and quality level. The proposed conclusion in the thesis addresses these issues and provides a detailed analysis on what aspects that needs to be looked into and also on the issues that could be improved to proceed into the next cycle of action plan. Consumers come at the end of the supply chain, but considering their needs and requirements initially emphasize the strategic importance of consumers to the organization. This thesis empirically supports the conclusion that there needs to be better considerations and research on the material aspects of the box and corrugated board wheels to make it into a feasible solution for the end consumers.

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