A study of consumer behaviour in the digital world - The power of alternatives

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad; Högskolan i Halmstad

Abstract: As COVID-19 has led to more desktop usage overall it could be said that the screen size has increased for the general consumer. Previous research shows that what device a consumer uses when browsing the internet also affects their behaviour and more particularly their decision making. Previous research regarding consumer behaviour also shows that consumers when exposed to different amounts of alternatives act differently when making a decision. Connected to devices and their obvious distinction when it comes to screen size and therefore the amount of alternatives displayed to the consumer on the screen makes it interesting.  Most of the previous research regarding alternatives and consumer behaviour had not been done in a digital context and this thesis was aimed at studying how consumers react to different amounts of alternatives in a digital context. The authors got interesting contradictory results from the two different AB-tested experimental questions indicating a more complex explanation to the causality of the research into alternatives and consumer behaviour. The author's main conclusion is that consumers' attitudes and then preferences towards products influenced by their internal search could have an explanation to why some products are more advantageous to be displayed as large assortments than others. 

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