Literature - A Way to Fire the Imagination of the Students in the Upper Secondary School

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/HLK, Ämnesforskning

Author: Jorge Petkovic; [2008]

Keywords: Pedagogy; Literature; Reading;


The essence of this essay is how teachers incorporate literature in lessons and how they work with it. Articles and books will be the foundation in my result part. However, I have conducted four interviews to see how teachers use literature in the upper secondary school.

The curriculum is there to guide the teacher to work with different areas. However, there are no specific topics in the curriculum that the teachers have to work with. It is up to the teacher to choose that.

Some of my findings from my written sources where that there are different ways of working with literature. The most common way is to let the students read a book and then have a discussion of the book. You can also try and capture their interest by reading the blurb and letting them predict what will happen in the book. The advantages with literature are that you are more open-minded and you learn more vocabulary and fluency. Some disadvantages are that the texts might be difficult and too long for some students.

To conclude my essay, I wrote about that the amount and difficulty of fiction can vary depending on the class and type of programme. Some students read more than others and the teachers have to adapt to the class and see what type of literature works for them

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