Game design of multiple genre, testing player experience on shifting combat.

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Interaktiva och kognitiva system

Abstract: As more and more people get in to video games. We look at what makes for a good experience. Psychological factors which enriches gameplay like flow and immersion. And Game design factors which provides conditions for flow and immersion. We gather knowledge and use these factors to implement a video game prototype with two versions for testing a scenario. In this scenario the player is set out in the world to fight terrorists in a top-down shooter. Version 1 keeps top-down shooter throughout the entire level while version 2 changes the combat system to a Japanese Role-Playing Game style on the end boss. We then sent out both versions to testers to measure their experience with both versions. Measurement is done with the Game Experience Questionnaire and interviews were held with the testers. The results from this study indicates that the experience is largely unaffected. This may however be due to many causes as, sample size, the scenario itself and more.

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