Recent Icelandic Tephra in a Swedish Peat Deposit

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för naturgeografi och kvartärgeologi (INK)


Two eruptions from Icelandic volcanoes have in the last years caused widespread dispersalof volcanic ash in the atmosphere. The transportation of tephra from Iceland to mainlandEurope is not an uncommon event and it can cause large disruptions to society. In thisthesis I present the ndings of a tephrochronological study of recent sediment from a bogcalled Trolls mosse in southern Sweden. The results show the presence of recent tephrafrom what is most likely the Grímsvötn eruption in May 2011, but geochemical analysisof the tephra could not conrm the exact origin of it, and a possibility that the Eyafjal-lajökull eruption also has contributed exists. By correlating atmospheric data about thelocation of the ash clouds produced during the eruptions and tephrochronological studiesof where tephra fallout has occurred could improve our understanding of tephra falloutdynamics and could help understand complex fallout patterns for past eruptions.

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