Visual aesthetics and Usability

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Linköpings universitet/Interaktiva och kognitiva systemTekniska högskolan

Author: Krishna Sampath; [2013]

Keywords: usability; aesthetics;


In the field of Human computer interaction, currently aesthetics has become one of the most frequently research dimension. Most of the researchers have found the correlation between aesthetics and usability, while some other could not discover the correlation between aesthetics and usability. This irregularity to find the correlation between aesthetics andusability makes to further research on this topic.Also based on the previous studies and empirical analysis, it is unclear the factors and issues that are affecting usability and aesthetics while analyzing the correlation.

This thesis clearly discusses about the previous empirical studies on aesthetics and usability, methods followed by authors to find the correlation and the results obtained by the authors.

In this study, systematic review method [12] was followed to extract the knowledge from the databases (ACM and Science Direct). Two persons have participated in the review and 13 articles from 1995-2012 are taken into the study. Three research questions are discussed in detail to analyze the correlation between aesthetics and usability and the factors affecting the correlation between aesthetics and usability. Finally this study is concluded, by discussing the reasons for irregularity in the correlation results.

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