Human Computer Interaction Study - Designing a Mobile Web-based Vaccination Service System Interface for Uganda in Low Resource Settings

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/COM

Abstract: Recently, the coverage rating of child vaccination services in developing countries, like Uganda, is lower than developed countries. The low resource setting is the reason that causes the poor vaccination performance. Health workers suffer from the heavy workload, low budget supplement and bad traffic condition, etc. Which constrains the quality of vaccination services. In this thesis, the author designs a mobile web-based vaccination service system, to improve the quality of vaccination service, within the low resource setting. A study in HCI is carried out to design a vaccination service system in the low resource settings of Uganda. Through theoretical study, the author collects the knowledge about how to apply HCI theory to system interface design. A related work study is carried out to help the author to choose the design solution. Through comparing the design with related works, the strength of using the author’s design solution in low resource of Uganda is verified. A field study helps to collect information about the user’s characteristics, which is used for designing a user-friendly system interface. An internal focus group helps to improve the design quality. The author delivers a case study example which could be evaluated and borrowed by other researchers who design a similar system. Additionally, findings from the qualitative research could be used for further research.

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