Bridging the gap between AI systems and society: algorithmic accountability and ethics within small AI organisations in Sweden : Is Sweden ready for AI Ethics?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Author: Hayder Mahdi A Al Dawood; [2021]

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Abstract: During the last years, ethics has gained greater attention in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Stakeholders engage in debates on how to apply ethical principles in various AI organisations with many differing viewpoints. The importance of ethics in AI continuously increases as this area grows rapidly, with a considerable amount of small organisations appearing every day. At the same time, AI solutions enter all the spheres of human activities. Algorithmic accountability can be seen as one of the ways to achieve AI ethics. This thesis will, therefore, explore how small AI organisations can ensure algorithmic accountability. The thesis is based on qualitative data collected from semi-structured interviews in four Swedish small AI organisations. Findings reveal that small AI organisations in Sweden do not apply or consider applying ethical principles when developing their products. The reasons for such decisions are mainly a lack of policies and regulations. The lack of legislation makes ethics of less priority. This thesis proposes governmental bodies facilitate the AI industry by establishing clear policies, standards, and certifications. Such initiatives can assist AI organisations, especially small ones, to address ethical implications and push them towards a high level of AI.  Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic accountability, Small organisations, AI governance 

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