Comparing Resource Abundance And Intake At The Reda And Wisla River Estuaries

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Statistik och maskininlärning

Abstract: The migratory birds stop at different stopover sites during migration. The presence of resources in these stopover sites is essential to regain the energy of these birds. This thesis aims to compare the resource abundance and intake at the two stopover sites: Reda and Wisla river estuaries. How a bird's mass changes during its stay at an estuary is considered as a proxy for the resource abundance of a site. The comparison is made on different subsets, including those which has incomplete data, i.e. next day is not exactly one day after the previous capture. Multiple linear regression, Generalized additive model and Linear mixed effect model are used for analysis. Expectation maximization and an iterative predictive process are implemented to deal with incomplete data. We found that Reda has higher resource abundance and intake as compared to that of Wisla river estuary.

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