The Art of Framing : To what extent does framing affects the acquiring of financial support for art and culture projects?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Author: Julia Conte; [2015]

Keywords: Framing; funding; opportunity; threat; novelty; commonality;


Researchers and practitioners have both acknowledged the importance of framing when

presenting novel ideas, considering that the right type of framing can generate a favorable

outcome especially when applying for financial support. Yet, there has been limited research

about the correlation between framing and funding. This quantitative study makes an attempt

to lessen this research gap by investigating how four identified framing labels namely –

opportunity, threat, novelty and commonality – imbedded in three hypotheses have affected

the acquiring of financial support for novel art and culture projects.

The data comprises a large set of applications from individuals requesting funding for

various art and culture projects. A content analysis was applied, followed by a logistic

regression to test the hypotheses. The results indicate that specific types of framing can

increase the possibilities of receiving funding, as commonality was identify as an important

aspect of framing. This study is only at the infancy of investigating how framing is connected

to the chances of getting financial support, and further empirical research is recommended for

a better understanding of the subject.

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