A Housing Manifesto. Applying alternative policy and design strategies in Stockholm

University essay from KTH/Stadsbyggnad

Abstract: Today, housing is considered a commodity. This is a global challenge with direct local consequences such as unaffordability, limited housing choice, and segregation. To address these disparities, this thesis expresses a demand for change by proposing a housing manifesto for Stockholm. The aim is to explore alternative theories and models to propose a framework that is capable of redefining housing from a feminist and socio-ecological perspective. Our approach demands seeing housing as a human right, a commons, and a circle of care. To find specificity and materiality, the project focuses on applying the manifesto on two scenarios, Husby and Gasverket, which demonstrate problematic tendencies in the current housing system. By implementing strategies at different scales, we project alternatives in the urban form. This thesis challenges the role of urban planners and designers as collaborators and enablers of a vision of housing with and for all.

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