The social stratification of albinos in Tanzania : a case study from Babati

University essay from Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för livsvetenskaper


The study investigates the social stratification of albinos in Tanzania. This is done by conducting a case study in Babati and decoding and generalising the attitudes in a national context. This is combined with a litterateur study which has been made analysing the attitudes towards albinos in the media. The study has used a critical as well as continental discourse analysis and decoded the data by using the theories of social constructivism and of stigma. Semi-structured interviews as well as a litterateur study was conducted.

The result proved that the albinos in Tanzania are stigmatised in the society and that people treat them based on myths and preconceptions. This stratification sometimes goes as far as to murders and mutations of albinos. The respondents as well as the media and government refer to the lack of education as the main cause behind the killings of albinos. A combination of the myths about albinos and the lack of education is the reasons that are accurate when analysing the reasons behind the ongoing murders.




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