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University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: The use of cloud computing is increasing in many different areas, and one of these areas is education. As using cloud in education becomes standard in many schools, some ethical concern regarding student information arises. This thesis aims to identify the issues that Swedish schools in the region of Skåne are facing regarding the use of cloud computing. This is achieved by creating a theoretical framework based on literature on issues with cloud computing. This framework consists of four components: cloud in education, stakeholders, contracts and regulations and PAPAM framework (privacy, accuracy, property, access and motivation) Thereafter is a qualitative research conducted, based on interviews with the stakeholders in education that are in contact with cloud computing. These stakeholders are identified to be teachers, principals and IT-professionals. By understanding how these stakeholders manage the ethical issues of cloud computing, and comparing this with the theoretical framework, several guidelines and propositions are reached. The guidelines are advised to be applied by the stakeholders for them to manage cloud in education in a way that avoids any ethical concerns. The guidelines concern policies for cloud use, clearer laws from the government, and solid contracts with the cloud providers and clear responsibility distribution.

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