Development of a truss mount with focus on ease of installation

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: Products of Axis Communications, mostly premium class cameras and wall mounts, have previously been installed on trusses. However, Axis has not provided any means of installation so it has been up to the installers to create their own solutions. This report describes the research and development of Axis first truss mount. The aim of the master thesis was to both study the environment of the product and the intended user to make it a good fit for both the trusses and the users. The goal was to provide Axis with a concept solution prototype of both a product and a process of installation. To solve this, the authors applied Human-centered design in combination with the Double Diamond method. The whole method was iterated twice to provide the team with many opportunities to receive feedback. The first cycle focused on researching and the insights gained laid the foundation for the direction of development. Many concepts were developed and the cycle ended with choosing one solution and further developing it into a testable prototype. The prototype then acted as reference for the second round of research. Tests were conducted to see if the users used the product the intended way and if the team had understood the problem correctly. The final concept has made the process of installation easier through the possibility to, without tools, swiftly clamp the product in place to make it securely fastened for its own weight. This allows for the installation to be made in multiple steps that affords pausing in between. The concept has received good reviews from both users as well as employees at Axis.

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