Technological implementation and online banking have increased customer service, satisfaction but reduced costs in the Banking sector of Bangladesh

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


The study has discussed a broad issue regarding technology driven banking. In addition, it has focused whether technology driven banking have increased customer service, satisfaction and reduced costs. Actually, Bangladesh is a third world developing country, fighting to improve their economy. Banking sector is not completely modern. However, now a day, major banks are trying to adopt technology driven banking services to be more efficient. The study has assessed whether it has influenced to increase customer service and satisfaction in fact, the research aims to evaluate this. The study set four objectives based on the research topic, throughout the study the researcher tried to accomplish the objectives. The research question was also answered at the completion of research. The research has also evaluated the situation of online-based banking in Bangladesh and what customers currently think about it. In literature review, a wide range of literatures have been analyzed on customers' satisfaction in banking sector, technology driven banking in Bangladesh, costs of banking service and so on. Major findings of literature showed that, currently the number of e-banking users is rapidly increasing. Different types of online based banking service have been added very recently (such as; Mobile banking, any branch banking). A large number of respondents said that, they think technology driven banking will be more efficient and effective for the banks and its customers. More than 50% people are satisfied by current online banking service. To achieve the objectives of the research the researcher has designed the research-methodology in a logical way. The whole research process has been show in a diagram. This research is based on primary and secondary findings. For the collection of primary information the researcher has interviewed 150 people and secondary data has been collected from previous journals, Bank's statements, Bangladesh Bank's report, Books and articles. The research is mainly focused a quantitative approach but in some case it has been used qualitative information. Data has been analyzed by using MS excel. In the findings and analysis chapter, the researcher showed the findings clearly and sequentially. It showed that, people are now gradually accepting technology driven banking. Customer service, customers' satisfaction and costs issues have been well asserted. A discussion has been provided with compare and contrast between the findings and what previous literatures said. Finally a set of recommendation has been made. Conclusion showed whether the research has accomplished its objectives and answered research question.

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