Enterprise Social Network: Capabilities, Key Enablers and Obstacles - Call for changes within the digital age.

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för informatik

Abstract: Today’s work environment is currently undergoing radical changes and although the aware-ness of social collaboration is growing within organizations, they still struggle with the digital transformation and thereby with the integration of Enterprise Social Network (ESN). Our study aims to investigate the role of ESN within the todays’ organizations. Specifically, it intends to build on previous research about social network technologies in a business’ context, and to provide an understanding about the required capabilities in terms of organizational, cultural and structural readiness as well as the key enablers and possible challenges faced dur-ing the adoption of ESN and hindering a more efficient use. Our study shows, that ESN could foster information and knowledge sharing, organizational learning and social capital. It reveals, that implementing an ESN offers great advantages, reaching from transparent infor-mation and knowledge exchange, over a faster join generation of new ideas to the possible containment of an ever-increasing e-mail flood. However, our study also outlines, that organi-zations still have to overcome barriers such as management and leadership support, cultural barriers, driving individuals engagement or integrating the ESN within existing business pro-cesses and infrastructure in order to reach the full potential and succeed with the adoption of the ESN. Nevertheless, we emphasise when an organization has recognised the significant benefits to be gained by incorporating an ESN within the business’ context, the value and improvements in activities induced by the ESN will become visible and then, one would rec-ognise that it has been worth the investment.

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