Concept of Interactive Video in Job Application : A qualitative research that tests the concept of interactive video and job seekers’ ability creating interactive video resumes.

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för medieteknik (ME)

Abstract: Interactive video seems to currently be an unpopular field of research. Video resumes however is an increasing trend when applying for jobs and sending out resumes. During this thesis, employers finds interactive video as a new, fun and exciting way of interacting with a resume that simplifies the recruitment process. Also, job seekers find creating interactive video as resumes as an extra nudge in to a company and a better way of marketing themselves for employers. However, conflict occurs between employers and job seekers regarding an interactive video resume. As it simplifies the recruitment process, job seekers have to put down more work when creating an interactive video resume while applying for a job. It is shown in this thesis that there are factors that should be investigated, for instance a platform aimed at interactive video resumes seems not have been developed yet as well as what interactive features an interactive video resume should contain. Job seekers find it difficult if creating such resumes took too long, being unaware of how to display interactive visual elements and which aspects to talk about while recording themselves. This thesis explores the possibility of employers and former recruitment personnel using an interactive video resume as well as job seekers’ ability of creating an interactive video. The main aims of this thesis are to find guidelines of what an interactive video resume mainly should contain and what job seekers thinks of creating and using an interactive video when applying for jobs.

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