Paris and the voluntary reduction of emissions - A study on Grandfathering and the Environmental Kuznets Curve

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för nationalekonomi med statistik

Abstract: After the global climate meeting in Paris 2015, which resulted in the Paris Agreement, a common goal was set to keep the global temperature from rising over 2 ºC and preferably under 1.5 ºC. Prior to the agreement, each country published a document called National Determined Contribution, NDC, which included the intended climate actions each country would implement during the agreement. This thesis uses the data presented in the NDCs to investigate if there is any connection between the ambition level of reducing greenhouse gases and the economic principles of grandfathering and the Environmental Kuznets Curve. Through several regression analyses, the result states that the principles of grandfathering seem to be an explanatory factor, regarding countries decisions on reduced emission. Furthermore, no assumption can be made concerning the Environmental Kuznets Curve as results are proven to be insignificant. The thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of countries decisions in the Paris Agreement and serve as a support for further debate regarding global warming.

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