Impact of Armed Conflict of Children(A case study of Nepal)

University essay from Lunds universitet/Juridiska institutionen

Abstract: The purpose of this essay is to how internal armed conflict in Nepal affected children. Besides that how Nepal has implemented the UN Convention on the Rights of Child during the conflict. It has been estimated that over 2 million children have been killed in armed conflict, another 6 million have been rendered permanently disabled and more than 250, 000 children continue to be exploited as child soldiers. Today, in over 30 situation of concern around the globe, children are being brutalized and callously used to advance the agendas of adults. Increasingly children are the primary casualties of war. In the context of Nepal, The Maoist insurgency, which started in 1996, has caused widespread violence throughout the country and cause of that killed more than 13000 people till end of 2006. Among them more than 475 are children. According to child rights organisation in Nepal, at least 32550 children were abducted in different parts of country within 10 years war. In Nepalese conflict both parties have been violating the rights of children. During insurgency period many school have been closed, many students have been abducted, many student became a child soldier. And cause of that thousands of family internally displaced and it has huge impact on children too. The essay describes the monitoring, implementation and enforcing of international law concerning children and armed conflict. I have also looked further into the role of UN agencies in the implementation process. And in connection with that I have analyzed International human rights and humanitarian law relating provision of children in armed conflict. International law seeks to provide child civilian with protection and care both because children are regarded as a part of the general civilian population and also because children are one of the more vulnerable groups in population. Because of this fact, International law provides special protection and assistance. In addition, In Nepal too most of all UN agencies had focused their wok in Nepal during the war. Nevertheless, children situation remains same in many ways. Although they have positive affect to aware between conflicting parties and authority about Child rights. Article 38 of CRC mentioned that state party should take all feasible measures to ensure protection and care of children who affected by armed conflict. However, question in my mind ''did Nepalese government take all feasible to protect child in time of war? My simply answer in not. In addition, like same rebels have not taken seriously about child protection in time of war. They were also major causes of child rights violation and abuses in Nepal. Lastly, I want to mention that the impact of armed conflict on children must be everyone's concern and everyone's responsibility. One of each individual, each institution, and us must initiate and support global action to support and protect those children who effected from war.

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