New Eyes: searching for an identity in music through voice and text. A psychological and creative journey.

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Högskolan för scen och musik

Abstract: In this thesis the concept of artistic and personal identity is explored. It sets out to understand an existential crisis and how to resolve it. The thesis draws perspective from psychological theories on creativity and mental development. In its core it explores the unification of the creative self and the intellectual self in regard to artistic expression. The thesis is divided in three main chapters that each explore the three phases of the physical work and psychological process beneath. A central theme is connecting to the inner child and a child’s view of the world and creative expression. Voice and text are the two main elements that are used in creative exploration as means to work from a different platform and change framework in artistic practice. The thesis concludes that disciplinary freedom, honesty and letting go of control is important in order for the creative and intellectual self to co-exist and interact. It is presented as an experimental interactive PDF (read digitally) and is in itself a piece of creative work. It should therefore be read as such.

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