En färdig trädgård : enkätundersökning om gruppbebyggda småhusträdgårdar

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: The main purpose with this master's thesis was to develop a survey with the intention to examine what expectations the JM AB:s customer had on a future garden and also to discuss if the lawn has a symbolic meaning in gardens. The lion's share of the thesis is based on a survey, aimed at people in the company's customer database. The intention was to examine what expectations they had on their future garden and if their expectations were met when they later bought a house from the company. The work also consists of interviews and visits to areas with newly built homes. I interpreted the result from my surveys as the lawn on its own being is a strong symbol for a garden and also signals a social status of the owner. To the company the pre made lawn on a role is a way of saving time and easily achieve what the customer request. The company wants to create a concept of a "preset-garden" that meets the company's vision as well as the expectations of the customer. According to the result from the survey, a preset garden was an appreciated concept among the customers. A preset garden could even be the ruling point for the decision of which house provider the customer chose. Most people want the garden to offer room for relaxation. The result also shows that customers would like the opportunity to make additional add-ons for their garden. The conclusion and results for the first part are presented as a base for discussion aimed for the company and was a proposal for a basic garden standard for a preset garden as well as different add-ons. Important components were an entry garden path with tiles, a lawn and a hedge or a fence between them and the neighbours and the road. The work concludes that some of the gardens the company has established during the past year in all respects have not met the demands for quality that was expected by the customers. If the company's vision is to have single-family homes with a high standard and a preset garden it is essential to also secure the quality of the garden design and firstly to attend the problems that can appear at the basic groundwork.

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