Performance and Security of Wireless Mesh Networks

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för Teknik (TEK)

Abstract: The thesis aims to find issues that may affect the performance of meshed wireless networks. There is no denying the fact that out of the wireless technologies being used in today’s environment, the wireless meshed technology is one of the most advanced and can be viewed as the technology of the future. This thesis deals closely with aspects like throughput, security and performance as these metrics have a direct influence on the performance of the wireless mesh.The thesis is subdivided into various categories explaining the primary structure of wireless mesh networks. Performance of the network has always been a key issue and reliability is the core metric of evaluating the quality of a network. Routing protocols for these networks and which help in improving the performance are examined and the best routing protocol is suggested. This helps to improve the throughput which is the main aspect for maintaining a good performance. The main problem with wireless networks is making them security. This area is also considered as it improves the performance of the whole network. Also the network should be scalable to properly utilize the frequency and get optimal performance. This is required for the successful delivery of data packets. Thus, this area is also investigated together with some other factors that influence the behaviour of these networks. Last, but not least, we provide a discussion about possible future work as well as specifying a system that will help to increase the performance.

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