The Entrepreneurial Self As A Moral Issue: Can Profits From Social Entrepreneurship Interventions Be Used For The Entrepreneurial Self?

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: The concept of social entrepreneurship continues to be vague and lacked a clear understanding of what the concept really is. One problem identified with the concept is the adoption of capitalism as a means of sustaining the intervention. The adoption of profits and how they are used created a very big problem in both theory and practice. This study therefore tried to explore how donors perceived the use of profits from these interventions for the entrepreneurial self. This was done through a qualitative research. The findings showed that the profits from social interventions could not be used for purposes beneficial to the individual entrepreneur but only the project. The social entrepreneur could receive salaries, pensions and other personal emoluments but cannot use the profits for his or her own benefit. All profits must remain in the intervention for sustainability.

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