Using Online Communities and User-Generated Content for Innovative ProductDevelopment in the Gaming Industry

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Avd.)

Author: Mario Maher; Rahand Kader; [2019]

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Abstract: Information from users on the internet come in different forms and shapes, e.g. videos, content on social media, reviews and other interactive platforms where information can be shared. The information on these platforms have the potential of helping developers gain a deeper understanding about users’ behavior, problems and needs for the purpose of capturing value and implementing it to increase the chance of successful product development. This paper aims to explore the role of User-Generated Content in New Product Development and how User-Generated Content can be used from idea to prototype. This is achieved by setting up aprocess for capturing customer value with the help of user information that is shared on the internet. Information on the internet can give an accurate understanding of customers’ needs which allows for a valuable idea capturing process. Information was gathered with the method of collecting information by monitoring and communicating with people on different online platforms. Based on the acquired information from users, a pain for customers with cold hands while gaming is discovered. From the understanding of the problem, a concept is derived as a possible solution. The concept is in the form of a prototype that is a possible suggestion for a new product to be developed – a gaming mouse with heat. The process which brought forward the new prototype set the foundation for this report. The result of the report is a process of how to operate with users on the web to generate new ideas for New Product Development, ideas that likely are more aligned with customer needs compared to traditional New Product Development processes.

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