Proposal For a Vision-Based Cell Morphology Analysis System

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknikTekniska högskolan


One of the fields where image processing finds its application but that remains as anunexplored territory is the analysis of cell morphology. This master thesis proposes a systemto carry out this research and sets the necessary technical basis to make it feasible, rangingfrom the processing of time-lapse sequences using image segmentation to the representation,description and classification of cells in terms of morphology.

Due to the highly variability of cell morphological characteristics several segmentationmethods have been implemented to face each of the problems encountered: Edge-detection,region-growing and marked watershed were found to be successful processing algorithms.This variability inherent to cells and the fact that human eye has a natural disposition to solvesegmentation problems finally lead to the development of a user-friendly interactiveapplication, the Time Lapse Sequence Processor (TLSP). Although it was initially consideredas a mere interface to perform cell segmentation, TLSP concept has evolved into theconstruction of a complete multifunction tool to perform cell morphology analysis:segmentation, morphological data extraction, analysis and management, cell tracking andrecognition system, etc. In its last version, TLSP v0.2 Alpha contains several segmentationtools, improved user interface and, data extraction and management capabilities.

Finally, a wide set of recommendations and improvements have been discussed, pointing the path for future development in this area.

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