Development of a nail polish with minerals as caring ingredients

University essay from KTH/Skolan för kemivetenskap (CHE)

Author: Caroline Thunstedt; [2014]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: This master thesis project is a cooperation between The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, and Nordic AB with the purpose to develop a nail polish for the makeup brand. It is important that the nail polish contains a good choice of ingredients according to the rules and guidelines of . Qualities required are good coverage, short drying time and easy removal. The nail polish should be bio based to 80 % and include caring ingredients such as minerals and almond oil. To state the good effects of using the developed nail polish, the surface of the nail has been studied using SEM, scanning electron microscope. The nail was painted with the nail polish with caring ingredients for four weeks and the results showed that a smoother surface was achieved. Also, the hardness of the nail polish has been investigated using an AFM equipped with micro indenter to find out that the hardness of the nail polish with caring ingredients was higher with caring ingredients than without. Along with the nail polish, an organic and caring nail polish remover was developed. The remover is gentle towards the skin and nails and does not cause any dryness. To ensure that the nail polish and the remover are stable, stability tests were performed and the results showed that the formula is stable in heat, UV-light and cold. To investigate the nail polish on different types of nail surfaces and gather general opinions on the nail polish, a group study was made to find out what potential customers think about the product and the response was good. A market analysis has been made to create a selection of fifteen colors including a top coat and a base coat. The price of the nail polish was set to 89 SEK for bottle that contain 9 ml. The nail polish and the nail polish remover will be launched in February 2015.

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