ePM: Project Management transposed online : The use of information communication tools to support inter-organizational project work

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Informatik


The purpose of this bachelor paper is to analyze the different technologies used for supporting inter-organizational project work and how these technologies influence the project’s overall success. The results of this research have proved that the main impact ePM tools (e-Project Management tools) have upon inter-organizational projects are in terms of time-savings and easiness of communication when in need for communicating abroad with different business partners. Various types of collaboration tools can help the communication process between organizations and provide the project participants with the means of creating and supporting a collaborative environment. Other perceived benefits of ePM tools have been resulted including: reduce project costs due to time-savings and quality of information which lowers the risks for deficiency occurrences; improve the decision-making process; improve internal and external communication; facilitate knowledge sharing and expertise exchange; and create an agile business environment characterized by innovation, flexibility, faster market reaction and ability to work efficiently. Global time zones and communication skills are challenges to creating an efficient collaborative inter-organizational environment.

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