Online Detection of Evasive Maneuvers for Heavy Duty Vehicles

University essay from KTH/Reglerteknik

Author: Mattias Björklund; [2012]

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By the first of November 2013 there will be a new legislation introduced in the European Union

to improve road safety, which is being developed by the United Nations Economic Commission

for Europe. The new legislation will make it mandatory for all heavy-vehicles to have an

Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEB system). This means that they need to be equipped

with a system which has the capability of braking the vehicle if it is about to crash into the rear

of a vehicle in front, provided that the driver does not make any action. This M


which was initiated by Scania CV AB, covers the topic of making sure the AEB system never

interferes with the drivers impending evasive maneuver. It presents three possible methods for

identifying situations for when the drivers control should not be interfered. The requirement of a

method, which has been provided by Scania CV AB, is that it should rely on minimal sensor

input and require little computational resources. One of the three proposed methods meets these

requirements well and has thus been further developed into an implementable on-board function.

This method has been tested in simulation software as well as in an actual truck with promising

results; the method correctly classified all the evasive maneuvers it was tested with. It can

however be noted that there are situations which gets erroneously classified as an evasive

maneuver, although none which have proved to be relevant since the AEB system is not

operating in these situations.

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