Increasing Women's Sexual Agency with Feminist Pornography? A study on and with a feminist organization in Copenhagen on feminist pornography, heterosexuality and sex

University essay from Lunds universitet/Graduate School; Lunds universitet/Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender

Abstract: Feminist pornography as phenomenon is used as point of departure for discussing and laying out discourses on heterosexuality, sex and sexual agency in women. From a group conversation with the board members of the (for the researcher familiar) feminist organization Selskab for Ligestilling in Copenhagen, I explore if feminist pornography has the potential of contributing to, and increase sexual agency in women. Acknowledging pornography as on/scene suggests that researching (with) a familiar group allows for in-depth conversation and analysis. Queer theory as overall frame gives access to pornographic studies as potential disruptor of what is considered sexual. Besides from legitimizing women as sexual agents pornographic studies thus also opens the opportunity for disrupting heterosexuality. Pornographic studies scholars’ emphasis on authenticity in pornographic material in this case lays out the differing ways women’s sexuality and desires are expressed: from explicit sex to epic films and erotic features to something beyond heterosexual sex acts. This shows that sexual agency is expressed and negotiated in multiple ways. With an emphasis on the contradictions in heterosexuality, queer theory and pornographic studies will thus serve to show how heterosexuality itself possesses the key to its own deconstruction.

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